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The Renaud Society

The Renaud Society

The Renaud Society, a society of medical professionals with an interest in better health and a passion for wine, honors the legacy of Professor Serge Renaud, father of the French Paradox, supports wine & health research and education, and promotes the sharing of wine & health interests among medical colleagues worldwide.


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  • "It is a pleasure for F.I.C.B., the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods, to welcome the Renaud Society among its active members. Our members are usually related to a wine producing region, or constitute a guild of wine connoisseurs at the level of a country. The Renaud Society brings an original profile made of wine lovers belonging to medical professions and promoting the concept of “wine is good for your health” under certain conditions of moderation and adequate association with food. The “French paradox”, based on the notion that polyphenols are good for the cardiovascular system, was particularly substantiated by Pr. Serge RENAUD, whose name was given to our new member wine brotherhood. This paradox is supported by much academic research, and another originality of the Renaud Society is that it is active in collecting funds and supporting further investigation"
    Alan Bryden
    Alan Bryden, President,  La Fédération Internationale des Confréries Bachiques
  • "I am delighted that you are initiating the creation of the Renaud Society. The importance of health promoting behaviours for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases cannot be over emphasized. It is particularly appropriate that this Society honors Professor Renaud who has made so many scientific contributions in this area as the Director of INSERM in Bordeaux, France, and as Professor of Nutrition at the University of Montreal, Canada. To this day there is too little focused effort in these areas, and too little study, and not enough good information for the community at large and our patients in particular. I can endorse the formation of the Renaud Society with high enthusiasm and no reservations."
    Andrew Selwyn
    Andrew Selwyn, MA (HARVARD), MD, FRCP(UK), FACC Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • "Over many decades, Professor Serge Renaud has been the scientist making the largest contribution to our understanding of the role of wine in protecting the French from coronary artery disease (the "French Paradox"). He has been one of the leading figures in science seeking to discover how dietary factors relate to health, often providing innovative concepts that have taken many years to be appreciated He has made a major contribution with is research demonstrating how alpha-linolenic acid, monounsaturated fats, and other components of the "Cretan-type Mediterranean Diet" can play key roles in preventing coronary heart disease. His work has motivated many other scientists to better define how dietary factors, including alcohol, relate to health."
    R Curtis Ellison
    R. Curtis Ellison, MD Professor of Medicine & Public Health Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
  • "I have carried the flame for the medical benefits of wine with fervour. My father was a leading cardiac specialist in Australia. I have attended most of the conferences held in Australia over the years where the subject of wine and health was covered. I can say with a clear conscience that I wholeheartedly endorse the connection between wine drinking and better heart health and the Renaud Society."
    James Halliday
    James Halliday Wine Journalist Australia