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Membership in the Renaud Society, a society of medical professionals with an interest in better health and a passion for wine, honors the legacy of Professor Serge Renaud, father of the French Paradox, supports wine & health research and education, and promotes the sharing of wine interests with your medical colleagues worldwide.

Membership Levels

Assigned at Acceptance

Patriarch (Maitre D'Honneur) - Namesake of the Society: Serge Renaud, PhD

Ribbon - White Ribbon with Gold Trim

Maître - Officer of the Society

Ribbon - Gold Ribbon with Royal Blue Trim on Right Arm and Silver Trim on Left Arm

Commandeur General - Professional member who has been designated as the first member from a country outside of the US.

May also be a Commandeur elevated to General status for extraordinary contributions to the community
Ribbon - Burgundy Ribbon with Silver Trim; Flag of Nation on Lower Right Arm

Commandeur - Professional member; Physician, Nurse, Medical professional

Ribbon - Burgundy Ribbon with Royal Blue Trim

Sommelier - Members of this category are certified Sommeliers or Masters of Wine, certified by their appropriate trade societies.

Ribbon - Burgundy Ribbon with White Trim

Chevalier - Professional Member of the society awarded to Wine Industry Professionals, Wine Scientists,
and others as deemed appropriate for this category

Ribbon - Burgundy Ribbon with Green Trim

Écuyer - Society membership awarded to others who, by decision of the Society, do not fall into above categories

Ribbon - Burgundy Ribbon with Burgundy Trim

By the recommendation of the Conseil des Gouverneurs, honorary membership may be granted to individuals who are deemed to offer unique advantage to the society.


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Renaud Society

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"The enjoyment of wine is best celebrated among friends, family, and colleagues who, together, appreciate the value that wine brings to the table and to life. Wine is complex, and lends itself to study and contemplation. Wine preserves time and history beneath the cork, but, once consumed is gone forever."