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Renaud Society Commandeur & Émissaire/Journaliste

Dr. Edward Miller

Physician and Certified Sommelier Dr. Edward Miller is [Wine Folly's] medical advisor for Wine and Health topics.
Dr. Miller is a board-certified physician, clinician, author, & researcher. He is a regular attendee at The International Wine-Heart Health Summits and a member of The Renaud Society, an international society of medical professionals investigating the role of wine in health.
He and his wife are physicians with Red Hook Family Practice, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
Renaud Society Commandeur & Émissaire/Journaliste

Dr. Rusty Gaffney

I am a retired ophthalmologist who has had a love affair with Pinot Noir for nearly forty years. When I retired in 2001, I decided to devote my energies to writing the PinotFile, an online newsletter that was the first wine publication exclusively devoted to Pinot Noir.
Over the years, upon my urgings, a number of die-hard Cabernet drinkers have developed a preference for Pinot Noir and began drinking Pinot Noir regularly while cases of Bordeaux languished in their cellars. They would remark, “Rusty, you’re such a ‘prince’ for introducing me to Pinot Noir.” The moniker stuck, and now my proud title is “Prince of Pinot.”
Renaud Society Commandeur & Émissaire/Journaliste

Dr. Matilde Parente

Matilde Parente, MD, CSW is board-certified in pathology and integrative holistic medicine. She is a graduate of Duke University and the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine.

Matilde is a member of the Renaud Society, an international society of medical and wine professionals, and a wine judge for the Society’s wine competitions. She writes on wine for online and print media and is the author of Resveratrol and Healing Ways: An Integrative Health Sourcebook.

Listen to her podcast at Wine Two Five.